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WorkhorseGeneration helping and supporting Young People
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Donating used office furniture for re-use 

Born through the passion and vision of the WORKHORSE GROUP family with their drive and sense of RESPONSIBILITY to help leave a sustainable planet for generations to come - we are proud to present REWORK.


Working alongside and within some of the country’s leading blue chip companies, the WORKHORSE GROUP family are delighted to offer RE-USED office furniture to help charities, schools and start up businesses alike on their journey while also helping the environment by minimising the amount of waste going into landfill.

Used office furniture items are taken and carefully recorded and photographed before being securely stored. The items are then added to the REWORK website for registered charities, educational facilities and start-up businesses to view and request free of charge.


REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE are three concepts that promote sustainable living. They help decrease the amount of waste we throw away and that ends up in refuse.

We all can make many changes in our daily lives to reduce the amount of waste you produce, and live more sustainably.

REDUCE the amount of waste you produce

Everything we produce and consume has an impact on the environment in some way. Making careful decisions about what we buy can have a huge impact. Cutting waste is the best way to help the environment. A few key changes you could make are

  • Reduce packaging of products you buy

  • Shop greener, for example from second hand shops

  • Reduce food waste by meal planning and composting kitchen waste. 

REUSE items rather than replace them

Many items found around the home and office have different purposes. If we reuse items we avoid disposing of them to landfill and helps to save money. The REWORK project is based on REUSE and helps to turn great quality unwanted office furniture into a highly valued resource by those who need it most.

RECYCLE items whenever possible

As both commercial and domestic recycling capabilities improve, so does the ability nationwide to recycle more and more office or home items. It is important to recycle correctly to avoid contamination of recyclables. Contamination occurs when you mix unclean or incorrect items in clean recycling.

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