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Workhorse Group Donates Colchester United Shirt Sponsorship to Charity Hub

As a family run removal and storage group, Workhorse Group understand the importance of family and community. Following decades of service to their communities they have also recognised the vital need for support and help from within them.

One such need is help for tomorrow’s generation of young people who are starting their working lives. As a company that employs young apprentices, Workhorse Group recognise the need to create a culture and an ethos to progress these young adults and to help them achieve. As Workhorse Group’s companies travel up and down the country moving families and businesses from community to community, they want to be able to deliver and grow for years to come.

Tomorrow’s Future, Today

The inherent need to support and believe in the next working generation is not just a concern for Workhorse Group, it is an issue shared by businesses across the UK as well as young people and their families.

Workhorse Group Director, Simon Dickerson, explains, “Supporting the generation of tomorrow is so important but complicated. The charity hub, Workhorse Generation, is effectively a one stop home of support for young adults whilst partnering with charities with the one shared vision to push the inspirational projects that help tomorrow’s generation.

As a company we serve our community, and it is important for us to support and give back to it. However, talk is cheap, action wins the day which is why we are offering young adults further support by giving Workhorse Generation a greater platform.

As a result, Workhorse Group are delighted and proud to donate our front of shirt sponsorship of Colchester United’s home and away shirts and other visual opportunities to Workhorse Generation - giving them and the charities they support a fantastic platform to promote, to be heard and to deliver the crucial support required to help tomorrow’s generation succeed.”

Community Vision

As further part of Workhorse Group’s community vision, we are delighted to announce a Workhorse Group initiative through Nico Player Development. This initiative involves the support for 6 UK based grass-root boys and girls football teams - with the incredible work being carried out by so many volunteer coaches and supporters across the UK, Workhorse Group will be donating brand new team kit and equipment along with professional support, guidance, and training advice from ex Chelsea player Mark Nicholls.

(Further information to follow later today).

Tomorrow’s Future, Today. #KeepingBritainMoving

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